Saturday, 20 July 2013


Bryany's Blog.

It's a blog all about the student lifestyle, beauty and fashion delivered in a light hearted way with a touch of my personality to make it more a more enjoyable read. I write about daily things which can happens as a student such as the chores of moving houses, how to save money, not being a stereotypical student and other general lifestyle things. I give reviews on products I've bought and tested such as foundations, nail varnishes, blushes, skincare and anything I come across which I feel others should know about. I also show my hauls of beauty products and clothes and although I haven't done any yet, will be starting to do OOTD posts.

So I have a facebook page where i give a brief update of new posts and post some pictures on there as well.

I also have a Twitter which isn't to do with my blog but if people want to follow they can.

If you would like to advertise with L is for Ladybird next month, then please send me a quick email; lauraseed93@gmail.com.

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