Tuesday, 9 July 2013


If you're not a brand new reader, chances are you will have seen my post talking about Amie skincare a few weeks back, but just incase, you can find it here. At the end of that post, I said that I fancied trying out their NEW LEAF Skin Exfoliating Polish next, and so, here I am, talking about just that.
Amie's NEW LEAF Skin Exfoliating Polish is basically just an exfoliator designed to be used once, or twice a week. I'm a big fan of exfoliators anyway and tend to use a gentle one every morning so in the spirit of really putting NEW LEAF to the test, I did just that.
I found the Skin Exfoliating polish to be gentle enough for every day use if you are that way inclined, but not so gentle that you don't see the effects of it. The cream wash is packed with exfoliating beads is great at removing any build up in the pores and leaving skin clear and fresh looking, removing any dull skin and providing a radiant complexion.
The beads themselves are a good size and are not too scratchy, just enough to feel a difference. They are both bamboo and jojoba beads which are well known as being good at exfoliating.
It is definitely one of those exfoliators that you see an immediate difference with, which impressed me from the word go. My face just looked a lot brighter and foundation even applies better after using this.
Also, it smells amazing. Sort of like cake mixture, yes, that's where I'd place it. This may be down to the cocoa seed butters that are included to moisturise during exfoliation, as well as sweet almonds, but it also contains mango and orange blossom, again helping to moisturise and soften, although I get less of the fruit and definitely more cake, and for someone who likes cake, I am in heaven when using this.
Amie's NEW LEAF has definitely overtaken my usual daily exfoliator and I am already planning on repurchasing this! Will you be trying out NEW LEAF?


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