Thursday, 4 July 2013


Ok, so having tried the GLAMGLOW Youth-Mud (here) and falling so in love with it that I have since had to fork out two lots of £40 to keep me in pots of it, I was expecting great, but potentially bank breaking results from it's Super-Mud counter part and my goodness was I left super happy/disappointed that I'm not a millionairre after giving a sample of it a go.
So, the Super-Mud differs from the Youth-Mud in that it contains a 6 acid blend, all with a balanced ph, allowing it to give faster results in the blemish/spot/unruly skin department. Also, the Super-Mud can be used as a one spot treatment as well as an entire face mask. So, to really put it through it's paces, I decided to just slap it on everywhere bar my head, where I applied it only to a couple of blemishes that hadn't budged from there all week, and the results?
My face after using the Super-Mud was clear, not a blackhead in sight, no large pores, no nasty reaction, nothing but lovely, clear and smooth skin. On the spots/blemishes? They'd gone. Literally disappeared before my eyes! I wouldn't believe it either if I heard it from somebody else, but it really is a little miracle worker.
Unlike it's counter part, the Youth-Mud, the Super-Mud does not have the tingling sensation with it, and it smells slightly different too. The Super-Mud smells a little like licorice, and it also goes on blacker than the Youth-Mud, but dries the same colour. It also doesn't have the exfoliating leaves, etc. in that the Youth-Mud contains, however, this didn't hinder it at all in completely removing any blackheads.
So, there you have it, GLAM GLOW'S Super-Mud is amazing, I need a pot, I'm doomed to stay poor forever but nothing beats having lovely skin. Nothing works for my face like these products and as much as I wish I hadn't come to rely on them, I do need them both in my life and genuinely believe that I always will.
Will you be trying out the Super-Mud?


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