Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Today's post is a little different to my usual and it includes a snazzy iframe video- ooh! Basically, I'm going to be taking inspiration from Pepsi Max's #LIVEFORNOW campaign and tell you how I will be 'Living For Now' this Summer! So without further ado, I'll let you all watch this little video and have a little break from my waffling before getting back down to it.


I was intrigued by the Pepsi Max cans when I saw they were splattered with Dynamo a week or so again now at work. Now, I personally am not a Pepsi drinker- don't shoot me- but it just so happens that everyone else in the office is, and after seeing the aforementioned cans, and doing a little bit of research into why the man who Alex thinks has genuine superhuman powers was gracing them, I found out that it's all to do with the #LIVEFORNOW campaign under which with every can of Pepsi bought, consumers (looks like I'm out of luck on this one-boo!) will have the chance to win some lovely prizes. So, not wanting to get left out of all the action because of my taste buds, I decided that I would put my own spin on #LIVEFORNOW and tell you some little things that I have been doing.

This summer, I have definitely been saying yes more and putting myself up for things that I would not normally do; I went to my first blogger meet-up in Manchester arranged by the FABB Events girls with my lovely blogger buddy Jane and although absolutely terrified, I did it and I really enjoyed it! I have also been driving more, a big thing for someone who gets anxious driving to new places, and nothing bad has happened, in fact, it's made me want to try putting myself out there and driving a little further afield- I'm talking you motorway to Preston! I also bought some new clothes, things that I would never normally buy, or that I'd buy and then never wear, just leave sitting in my wardrobe to look at and wish I could 'pull them off'- this includes a pair of bright blue Dr Marten loafer-type shoes which I actually absolutely love (sorry Alex who thinks they are offensive to the eyes!) and a crop top. 

I know that I may not have been too wild with my Living for Now and I certainly haven't levitated next to a London bus like Dynamo but I have been making small changes and making the most of now. In fact, to celebrate my twentieth birthday, I will be dying my hair lavender and playing at being a mermaid for a few weeks too! This leads me on to my little bucket list of things that I would like to do before the year is out in order to make the most of the year.

a) Braver headgear- big bows, floral crows, the works!
b) Wear more colour- pastels and monochrome are about as adventurous as I am right now and I would love to be able to rock a bright yellow dress or something along those lines.
c) Try different foods- I am definitely stuck in my ways with food and a diet of fried rice from the Chinese and salt popcorn would suit me no end but I would like to be a bit more adventurous with that.
d) Visit more- just a general one here but I would just like to see more places generally. How many times can you fit the word general or some variation of it in to a sentence, hey?!

So that's my little take on the phrase, will you be making like Dynamo and Pepsi Max and joining in with the #LIVEFORNOW ethos?! As for Birthday plans, I'm sat on the sofa with a bag of popcorn feeling sorry for myself because I'm feeling a little bit poorly- probably because of all the popcorn I've been eating which is probably going to make me fat but hey, live for now, right?!


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