Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hair masks are becoming a regular feature on my blog lately and I think I may have found my favourite yet in milk_shake's Active Milk Mask.
I was already a fan of milk_shake and use their Whipped Cream leave-in conditioner every day so I was expecting great things from their Active Milk Mask.
The Active Milk Mask is packed full of milk proteins, rice and avocado oils as well as Vitamin E but to be honest, this would mean zero if it didn't work, soooooo... it's a good job it does!
Basically, you wash your hair as normal and then apply this mask to it while it's still damp, leave it for three to five minutes then wash it off.
I usually like to leave hair masks on for longer than the directed time because I find they do a better job that way but this one really does work in three minutes making it perfect for use in a quick shower. It also smells incredible, like a mixture of milk shake (obviously) and cream soda! So sweet. The smell doesn't stick around in your hair though, which makes me sad but I can see this being a plus for a lot of people who don't want to smell like a sweet shop all day. As I add the leave-in Whipped Cream afterwards, which does stick around all day smell-wise, I get over this point pretty quickly, especially once my hair dries and feels like silk!
I honestly rate this above all other hair masks I have used. I like how quickly it works, I love the smell, I love how it leaves my hair silky, soft and detangled and I love how the results actually last, meaning it's working deep down too!
I will definitely be buying this again and again, it's just perfect!
Will you be trying out milk_shake's Active Milk Mask? If so, you can purchase it from Hairtrade, along with a whole host of other lovely products including hair extensions and other hair care products (plus plenty of other milk_shake goodies!)


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