Sunday, 7 July 2013


I finally decided to jumpe on board and get myself some Moroccan Oil. I chose the light version after dying my hair back blonde (light, makes sense) and with having fine hair, it seemed like the sensible option.
Now, I already have an oil  that I'm completely happy with and will always have close to hand; my Osmo Berber oi. It just smells like bubblegum, is really thick and luxurious and sinks in easily leaving my hair so, so soft, so any oil that I get is put up against Osmo's offering.
So, with that said, it's time to see how Moroccan Oil Light stacks up.
The oil itself is quite thin and is more of a liquid oil, this means it glides easily through hair, both wet and dry which is brilliant, but it also makes it a bit annoying as it's so hard to get the perfect amount out, even with use of the handy pump they include. It's probably just me being clumbsy but I always dispense a little too much.
Please don't shoot me on this one, but I really don't like the smell... It sticks around all day and where Alex loves it, I am not a fan at all, so again, I think this is just me being picky.
But, face values aside, does it actuallyy work? Yes! Completely! When I run it through damp hair, it helps it to dry quicker and when I leave it to dry naturally, it brings out my natural waves, which I love. It's all about beach hair right now (and most days of my life as I'm too lazy to do anything with it) so this is perfect for me.
When I run it through dry hair, it makes my ends feel so lovely and soft. I do have to be carefull to dispense of some of the excess that I've pumped out though because if I apply too much of this for my hair, it leaves it feeling a bit odd. Not greasy, which shows it's a great oil, because so many of them do this, but just weird. Once it's all managed to sink in though, it feels nice and silky again though, and when I do apply the right amount first time round, it sinks in easily and quickly.
Overall, I do love Moroccan Oil Light and do think it's worth the price, especially as a little goes such a long way meaning it will last forever. I do still favour my Osmo Berber Oil over this but that's just because it works better for me (and is cheaper! Always a good selling point!) and the smell for me is a winner, everybody loves bubblegum, right? I most probably will repurchase this in like, a year when it runs out.
Do you like Moroccan Oil or do you have an oil that you like better?


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