Sunday, 14 July 2013



Dress C/O .
I am an avid high-low dress fan, I just find them to be so flattering, appropriate for any occasion and generally just really easy to wear so it will come as no surprise to any of you when I say this is potentially a new favourite dress of mine.
The 'Once Upon a Time- Meggy' dress is black, although it does photograph a little navy for some reason, and has a lovely little red and white petal pattern on it, although they do remind me of little hearts/butterflies. It also has a bright yellow trim around the neckline and sleeves which I'd say were close to neon, but more muted. Definitely good if you're scared of the neon trend like me but want to ease yourself into it.
I've also included the last picture not only so you can check out my footballer's knees but so you can see the actual colour that the dress is to the eye and have a nosey at the pretty high-low detail.
The material is lovely and silky feeling and I just want to stroke it all the time when I have it on, and the best news? It's actually on sale for £24.00 at the minute! Is it just me that gets the urge to buy seconds of things I love wearing when they pop up on sale 'just in case'? Probably, but at least I'll never get caught of guard.
here. What do you think of their Meggy dress? 


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