Tuesday, 2 July 2013



I'm a total skater dress-a-phobe. I don't know what it is. They look great on other people but I've just always avoided them like the plague for myself. I just thought that perhaps they wouldn't flatter my figure, but I am now leaning towards being slightly converted with the help of this gorgeous pink jacquard dress from Little Mistress.
It was actually the colour and print that drew me to this dress over the actual cut of it. It has a sort of pink raindrop pattern with smaller blue droplets inside, if that makes any sense at all. It really reminded me of Marina (and the Diamonds) in her Primadonna girl video and the new look she's been sporting ever since it, and as I loved Marina's new style when she made her comeback, I decided to lump the fact I didn't 'do' skater dresses and choose it as my latest wardrobe addition.
The dress itself is beautifully made. The material is thick and it even has an underskirt and tutu style netting underneath the bottom half of the dress to really flare it out, and rather than feel like the toilet roll holder I'd expected to in a skater dress, I actually feel like twirling round like I'm in a Disney film.
I think it'd look equally lovely with a denim jacket for Summer and a leather jacket when it's a bit chillier with cute little ballet flats.
I'm just looking for a nice Summer occasion to wear this to now.
Little Mistress really do have so many lovely clothes over on their website and they actually currently have a sale on too so be sure to have a nosey at all of that here.

P.S, please excuse my messy background and poorly edited pictures. I was in the middle of a wardrobe clean up so stuff was everywhere and also, as my laptop has gone down, I had to rely on the big, old desktop computer upstairs which has nothing on it so the pictures have pretty much just had their light adjusted a little and nothing else- no little round edges; boo! I will be fixing this once I have my laptop back to full working order.
P.P.S, How happy is everyone that GFC is still here?! I still have my Blogger Dashboard too, so in all honesty, I can't say I'm any the wiser as to what Google Reader is/was but my life will go on without it! 
P.P.P.S, I found out yesterday that I have passed my second year of Uni. We don't have our classifications yet but have been told whether we have passed which is a huge relief as I was sure I had bombed out on this year. Law is NOT easy! I actually can't get over the fact I have one year left before I'm a degree holding grown-up; wow!
Anyway, that is everything I can think of for now but I am thinking of doing a little lifestyle post within the next week or so (laptop situation permitting) to catch you all up on my life. I haven't done one in what feels like forever so I feel like I have a lot to tell you all. Speak soon guys!


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