Thursday, 25 July 2013


Rio's facial rejuvenation, or in simple terms, a reduction of lines and wrinkles and a more balanced out skin tone.
So now we've got the technical bit out of the way, I'll get on to the device itself. It's basically like a fancy Wii remote (but is actually nothing like one)! It stands on a docking station for charging and is white in colour. It has a circular power button in the middle which signals not only when the device is on (if the glaringly obvious red light wasn't a big enough clue) but also how much power the unit is holding. This next part is a little bit alien to me, but for all you electronic enthusiasts, it has a 633nm red light source too, which basically refers to the amount of photons that are emitted per second and I'm no expert but that certainly sounds like a lot, which is probably the reason why Skin Revive is so effective.
You use theSkin Revive on and around your laughter lines, just keep your eyes tight shut!
I know that for some twenty minutes might seem like a bit of a hassle, but I personally really like this element, it's a bit of time out of the day where I can just relax and know that I am doing good for my skin.
I was also reliably informed by the little information booklet that you can use Skin Revive on your hands and neck, also areas which show our age. 
Now, although I am only a week short of being twenty (eek!), I am a firm believer in the phrase 'prevention is better than cure' so with that said, I intend to keep using Rio's Skin Revive to aid in rejuvenation and keep the wrinkles at bay until I am at least.. ooh, eighty? But in all honesty, after using this product, my skin feels a little tighter and firmer and just looks brighter somehow. 
I really rate Skin Revive and am excited to keep using this. It's such a great investment and this will outlast any lotion or potion which makes the same claims. 

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