Friday, 26 July 2013


Ethnic Prints & Skirts

 So far this summer there’s no sign of flagging in the ethnic prints love affair we all seem to be engaged in. Why? Well there have been a variety of reasons put forward, all of them valid as far as I can see.

Some suggest that it’s because we are all travelling abroad to more and more exotic places, especially in South East Asia, the Caribbean, South America, the Indian subcontinent and North Africa, and we want to celebrate what we’ve seen the locals wearing there (are carry round a reminder of our holiday) by wearing ethnic print skirts, jackets, blouses, shawls… anything really. In fact I’ve heard said that the word “tribal” in fashion terms has become to mean anything that’s of a non-European indigenous nature- and then someone will point out that there are some great “tribal” designs from Lapland, Catalonia and Western Turkey. Ok ok already- it can mean whatever you want it to mean I guess!

Western designers such as Tom Ford and Cedric Charlier have been fusing multi-ethnic folklore designs into modern clothes- especially skirts. There’s more than a hint of zig-zag Aztec and Mayan influences there, and the beauty of an ethnic print skirt is that it can go with almost anything- plain or even more tribal.

The other thing about ethnic print skirts is that they invariably have great colours; I think we’ve all become a little jaded with the monochrome black and white 1960’s look. As Summer turns to Autumn I predict that you will see more and more skirts, of all lengths and styles, sporting ethnic prints. Combine your ethnic print skirt with an elegant but simple black blouse and heels for a night out on the town or to your favourite exotic restaurant, or wear it with a T-shirt and flat ankle boots for a more casual look as you head out to the beach as the sun sets.

There’s a lot of crossover between ethnic/tribal print skirts and the gypsy/bohemian look. Boho, whether a throwback to hippy-dippy early seventies at Woodstock or or a nod to your holiday in Goa, is in big-time. African, Indian and Asian print skirts, whether a mini or a swishy maxi are a must- go check your wardrobe now! This style goes well with beads, flip-flops, distressed jean jackets, and scarves or shawls. And don’t forget your chunky wooden or plastic brightly coloured bracelet!

While you can, if you want, spend a lot on a designer house ethnic skirt, you can also find some great designs and styles in the less expensive High Street shops. And (dare I say this?) check out your local charity shops- you’d be surprised at what people have given up in the ethnic print clothing area. Perhaps they thought it would be so last year this year. ‘Fraid not. Ethnic prints will be every year for the foreseeable future… because we love them so much!

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