Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan, £37.49.

I'm really fussy with fake tans, not because I'm a brand snob but because I react badly to so many of them, and that's added on top of the application time and constant reapplications that are needed to keep a tan looking natural so this organic offering (no nasties to react to) from Vita Liberata that claims to last between two and three weeks seemed right up my street.
The tan lasts longer due to the ingredients containing pHen02 technology and a combination of natural nourishing extracts, which are again all nice and natural.
Another factor that I'm sure will appeal to so man of you about this tan is that it doesn't smell. At all. Not one bit. Ever. I know a lot of people say 'ooh, this tan doesn't smell' and it still has a slight whiff to the product but this has no scent to it what so ever, which is perfect. It also gives a lovely colour that you can control. You basically apply the Long Lasting Tan Mousse using a tanning mit and wait. The mousse does have a colour to it so it easy to see where you may have missed a patch straight away and to add a little more to that area. 
Once applied you can leave the tan to develop anywhere between three to twenty four hours before showering and then reapply for an extra long lasting tan.
I have now done this twice, in three weeks, once straight after getting this, and then once two weeks later and I can honestly say at the two week mark, the tan had just started to fade the tiniest amount and there were no blotches, scaly patches, etc. just a natural faint fade.
I love this an will definitely be buying another can, although slightly pricey, it is currently on offer at Boots for £24.99 (still pricey) but is definitely, in my eyes, worth every penny, especially as you will be using it less often than other pricey fake tan brands.


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