Sunday, 4 August 2013


I love a good clay mask but this offering from Clayspray is in a whole other league so I thought I'd be super nice and share my thoughts and experiences of the GLOW Red Clay Masque with you.
Clayspray has a range of three white clays, three red and two H2O sprays, each boasting different skin benefits.
The masque that I have claims to add a boost of radiance to dull skin with the help of iron, thought to activate circulation, silica to boost collagen and cocao which is packed full of anti-oxidants to rejuvenate cells. Cocao is also thought to neutralise the damaging effect of those nasty free radicals that are floating around everywhere these days.
It also claims to exfoliate an restore the skin's surface to leave your complexion looking nice and healthy, and of course, the word 'glowing' would have to be in there somewhere.
So, first things to note is that this clay is not actually a spray. Strange, hey? I don't know what I was expecting. Quite clearly, clay is too thick to be a spray but being naïve, I was still sort of expecting it to come out in a mist. That said, I'm glad it doesn't because runny clay has the potential to get super messy! So, misunderstandings aside, the Clayspray is actually a thick clay that is pumped out. It is brown, or red, and it smells like chocolate. The first time I tried it, I'd been baking and had been covered in chocolate fondant so I thought the smell was just some of that left over in the back of my hair or something but I was very pleasantly surprised the next time when I used it and got a lovely chocolaty whiff again, so good!
To use this, you splash your face with water, apply the clay, let it dry (I usually get in the bath and have a serious relaxing session, hair mask and all), then rinse it off.
And the result? Lovely, clear, glowing skin. Although the Glow Red Clay Masque doesn't actually contain exfoliating beads, it does give your skin a good exfoliate, leaving it blackhead free!
I absolutely love Clayspray's Glow Red Clay Masque and although it's a little pricey a little goes a long way because of the clay being so thick and it feels so luxurious and gives such great results that I will one hundred per cent say that this is, for me, worth the money!
Will you be giving any of Clayspray's products a try? You can see the whole range, feelunique.


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