Friday, 9 August 2013


 Blushes £4.00 each.

I saw a few of these custom palettes from FashionistA floating around the blogging world a few months back now, when they were first introduced and was always intrigued but never took the plunge of buying one for myself, so when I was browsing the Superdrug website recently and spotted they were on offer, I decided to take full advantage and fill up my very own little blush palette.
Each blush comes in it's own little pot which you can either keep singularly or depot and slot into the custom palette. The blushes just click out of their single pots and straight in to the four piece palette really easily with no mess or fuss. I was really chuffed with this because there's nothing worse than having to fight to depot something! The palette itself is £5.00 and the blushes, £4.00 each which is pretty pleasing too, especially for the quality of these blushes which I'll get on to in a minute.
I chose my four shades, which I must say aren't all that true to Superdrug's online swatches, but I like them even more than aforementioned swatches anyway so I was a super happy bunny when opening them. The shades I went for are Amber Glow (bottom right).
Juicy Apricot (first swatch) is a gorgeous true peach colour with a tiny hint of shimmer and is my favourite of the bunch. 
Blushing Coral (second swatch) is the arguably the brightest shade out of my picks and is a matte, coral shade. 
Rose Glow (third swatch) is much paler than Blushing Coral and is much more of a matte Barbie pink than a coral. This is probably the most subtle of the four once applied and the pigmentation is slightly weaker than the rest but is able to meet the same intensity if built up.
Finally, Amber Glow (last swatch) is a gorgeous shimmery peachy/coral shade. It has much more coral to it than Juicy Apricot and is a deeper shade. The shimmer in this one is much more obvious than in Juicy Apricot too, and this one is more of a 'night time' blush for me.
All four shades are absolutely beautiful and the handy palette means that I am able to easily carry about four shades that will have me set for any potential occasions I may need a blush for. The pigmentation of the powders is incredible and they each stay put for the full day without any colour fade. They feel lovely and silky and are just absolutely lovely to use. 
I don't think you can go wrong with the FashionistA Custom Blush Palette and I will definitely be choosing four more shades to go in my next custom palette- they also do some bronzers which fit so I may add a couple of those to my collection too.
Will you be giving FashionistA a look in?


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