Saturday, 17 August 2013


HealGel Eye £32.00.*

I've previously spoken about the Face product from HealGel (here) and said at the end of that post that I was hoping to get the Eye product next and sure enough, the little blue bottle of genius became mine pretty soon after- is two days a little obsessive? Probably, but regardless HealGel Eye is just as amazing as HealGel Face and I would have been daft not to try it out too.
So, to catch you up if you didn't read my last HealGel post; HealGel products were developed by cosmetic surgeons and biochemists as well as a top secret actor and there are three products in the range- HealGel Intensive, HealGel Face and today's star, HealGel Eye.
HealGel Eye is formulated to lift, brighten and revive eyes by using an advance corrective formula. Like any other eye cream, you apply it around the eyes using a light dabbing motion with your ring finger to avoid dragging.
The product is a really lovely lightweight gel that sinks in seamlessly. It's not sticky or greasy and it smells really nice too!
I was well and truly ready to put the anti-puffiness aspect of HealGel Eye to the test after months of the nasty hayfever season and I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference already. The skin feels much less puffy and instead are much tighter.
Another result of hayfever and said puffy eyes, is dryness around the eye area and HealGel Eye has been my solution to this too. I think this may be down to the hyaluronic acid complex which is said to lock in moisture.
I absolutely love HealGel Eye and having tried two out of three products from HealGel, I can honestly say that the range as a whole is incredible. All of HealGel's promises are met and I will definitely be keeping these products in my life for a very long time. Plus, Pixiwoo have said in a video how much they love the HealGel range (here, at 2.50) and if it's good enough for Youtube's top makeup artists...


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