Tuesday, 6 August 2013


HealGel is a brand that I was previously unfamiliar with but after being filled in on all the gossip surrounding the brand (mystery famous actor who helped pioneer HealGel products, I'm talking about you!) I knew it was something that I had to try for myself.
HealGel was developed between said actor, cosmetic surgeons and dermatological biochemists so with that combined with super cute packaging, I was expecting fantastic things and quiet rightly so.
The benefits and application methods can be seen on the bottle but I'll waffle on about them in my usual fashion anyway.
 HealGel Face was created to be an anti-ageing formula boasting firmer, smoother and rejuvenated skin, and if that wasn't impressive enough, HealGel Face also boasts the inclusion of Omega Oils which help to rehydrate skin and restore it's elasticity. And if you still weren't sold, HealGel Face also contains a three part hyaluronic acid complex which basically plumps and tightens skin resulting in a mild non-cosmetic face lift (yes, really!).
The gel itself is lovely to apply. I love gel based products anyway so this element was always going to be a winner with me. It just sinks in to the skin immediately leaving no sticky or greasy trace and you're good to go on the makeup application front straight away.
I also love the smell of this, it smells herbally on application so you feel like you're having your own little home facial, and you could also pass as having one on an appearance basis too. After using this gel every morning after cleansing and toning, I do see a difference in my skin- it looks brighter and really fresh and I'd actually say 'plumped'.
I really cannot fault this product, which by the way, will last for such a long time as a little of this gel goes a really, really long way and I'm now eager to try HealGel Eye which sounds just as amazing!
Do have a look at HealGel, website here, and have a little read up on their products. If you do try them, be sure to let me know if you love them as much as I love the HealGel Face!


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