Wednesday, 14 August 2013


L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil £13.95.

I feel like I've been posting about so many hair products recently but in all honesty, that's because I have been really getting into looking after my hair over the past few months. I have always looked after my hair but lately, I've really upped the anti in my efforts to grow it and with that has come the discovery of lots of new (to me) amazing products!
Without waffling on any more than I have already, I'll get on to today's subject- L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil.
Now, this was a bit of a 'I've heard so many great things about it, now I want to try it for myself' type buy but you know what, sometimes 'peer pressure' is a wonderful thing because since caving and buying myself this, I have been one very happy bunny.
The Mythic Oil is very lightweight and is easily absorbed by the hair meaning it doesn't leave hair feeling or looking at all tacky or greasy. It's also a lot thinner and more liquid-y than any other hair oils that I've used which I personally really like as I feel that it adds more texture to the hair somehow, which with super flat hair like mine, is a godsend!
The oil contains avocado and grape seed oil which are a lot of hair oils because of their beauty benefits, and promises five main results; deep nourishment- check. Intense shine-check. Suppleness of the hair-check! Easy blow-drying-check. And finally, long-lasting anti-frizz... check!
Ok, so on the deep nourishment front, my hair feels lovely and soft and silky and it lasts too, beyond the oil drying! 
Intense shine is pretty self explanatory, and the Mythic Oil does make my hair really shiny, which can be hard to achieve with blonde hair as opposed to darker hair.
Suppleness is a funny one, the word 'supple' is just not something that I'd ever associate with hair but I've taken supple to mean swishy and texturised, sorry if I'm wrong, but even if I am, this oil does that anyway.
Blow drying is made easier, somehow this oil makes my hair seem to dry a lot quicker than when I'm not using it, always a bonus- extra time in bed!
And finally, my hair is a mass of frizz at the moment because of this daft weather and this is definitely helpful in reducing that.
So, now I've gone through that little checklist, I'll go in to how I use my Mythic Oil; I like to use a couple of pumps through the ends when my hair is damp and then just one pump, rubbed into my hands and then ran through the ends again once dry to help add shine and texture and banish frizz.
I absolutely adore L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil, more than Moroccan Oil in fact and will be continuing to use this in the future- particularly as the price point is so attractive.
Have you tried Mythic Oil?


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