Thursday, 8 August 2013


As a blogger, I am always trying to better my blog whether that be by means of altering the layout, improving content and in relation to today's post, taking better pictures.
I'll be the first to hold me hands up and say I am pretty much clueless when it comes to cameras. I love the look of the big, fancy DSLR set ups but have yet to invest for fear it would be wasted on me and my lack of knowledge, however, after doing some research into the Panasonic  LUMIX G6, I am feeling much more confident that I could get to grips with a piece of such fancy kit, and am now seriously considering investing in one of these said  LUMIX G6 cameras.
Now, I thought that seen as though, prior to reading up on a few cameras I had no clue where to even start when considering buying one, that there must be other people in the same boat and me being super nice and all, decided to share my new found knowledge on the  LUMIX G6 with you all.
So, Panasonic have recently launched three campaign videos to help potential customers to get to grips a little bit with their new camera and have titled the videos, FASTER, CLOSER and SMARTER. Before I start waffling on even more, I'll add those little clips so you can see for yourself what this camera is capable of and why it is now at the top of my wishlist!

Ok, so first up, how crazy is that man jumping over the massive stone wall?! I have absolutely no idea how he even managed to do that but what I do know is that if I ever saw someone doing anything remotely as impressive as that, I would definitely want to capture it on a camera that firstly I had on my person, I for definite would not want to be lugging round something that weighs an absolute tonne, and one that's also fast enough to catch a clear image and that can zoom in really close so I can see exactly what's going on.
I know how proud I was showing off my pictures from Australia from my little digital camera when I got home so I cannot even imagine the pride I'd have in some potentially incredible pictures that I could take on the LUMIX G6.
Seeing Panasonic's little campaign videos has really got me fired up on the camera front and I'm going to be super, super nice to everyone around me in the hope that they will treat me massively to the G6 (more information here on their website).
What do you think of this camera? What DSLRs do you recommend?


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