Tuesday, 13 August 2013


YUKO Lock in Color Shampoo and Treatement £12.50 each*.

YUKO is a Japanese haircare brand that was created in 1996 by salon owner Yuko, to meet the needs of not only her clients but thousands of women all around the world. The brand has since grown to boast a large range of products and usage in over 70,000 salons worldwide. Pretty impressive, hey?
So with these statistics in mind, I was expecting good things from YUKO and their Lock In Color Shampoo and Treatment which is specially formulated for coloured hair to help repair hair damaged by colour and to keep it in tip top condition.
Both the Lock In Color Shampoo and Treatment are designed for regular use and contain hydrolysed silk, UV filters and edelweiss (the little daisy-like plant, not the song from that old musical!).
The shampoo is designed to lock in colour and strengthen the hair and is aided by the treatment which is basically just a super intensive conditioner which is said to lock in colour, detangle and deeply moisturise.
The two combined are expected to leave hair soft, smooth and strong and I can honestly say that this claim is true! 
As you will know, I bang on about it enough, I recently went from having super dark hair back to blonde and while my blonde hair makes me feel all summery it is also a constant battle to keep it in good condition after all the trauma it has been through. Lucky for me YUKO seem to have created the perfect solution in the form of their Lock In Color Shampoo and Treatment.
First off, the Shampoo is really lovely. It lathers up really nicely and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. It leaves it feeling clean and strong and silky without feeling coated. The same can be reported for the Treatment; I like to slap a load of this on my hair, wait for a few minutes then rinse it off. It again leaves my hair feeling strong and silky. I think that the hydrolysed silk is to thank for this because my hair really does feel like silk! 
I cannot explain how great this duo are and how much good they appear to be doing for my hair. I really recommend YUKO's Lock In Color duo and would love to know if you are planning on trying out any of their products which can be read about here.

P.s, today is my blog's first Birthday! I just want to say a quick thank you for all of your support along the way and let you know that I will be doing a proper post to acknowledge this within the next few days. Thank you again, and lots of love!  


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