Sunday, 30 June 2013


 V05 .
I have flat hair. I don't like having flat hair. It makes sense, therefore, that I buy as many products to combat flat hair as possible. So, with that, I decided to give V05's offerings a go. I reviewed their Instant Oomph Powder a few weeks back but today I thought I'd give you a bit of a double whammy of a post with their Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray and their Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray. 'Texturising' keeps coming up with that annoying squiggly line under it to tell me I've spelt it wrong! Jeez Louise. Anyway, I'll kick off with the Dry Backcomb Spray as that is probably my most used of the two.
It reminds me a lot of dry shampoo in texture, it's that sort of dry, powdery feel. It's not at all sticky or tacky, and you cannot see it on the hair. It doesn't make brushing hair a nightmare either, which I have found to be the case with products similar to this, so that was an instant plus point for the Dry Texturising Spray. It also, and most importantly, gives me hair a good amount of volume for a long amount of time. Result.
I just spray this at my roots from a few centimetres away and then rub it in with my finger tips.
Even though it's called 'Dry Backcomb Spray', it doesn't make you look like you've backcombed your hair to hell and back in that birds-nest-on-my-head, it just adds a nice amount of smooth volume.
I also like having some texture to my hair, as being fine, it can just hang there if it's not helped out a little bit, which is where the Plump It Up Dry Texturising Spray comes in.
With this, you spray it through the lengths and ends of your hair and give it a little scrunch. It just gives hair a little lift and adds a bit of a wave to it, without being all like 'whoa, wavy hair'. It basically makes you look a little undone but in that I-haven't-made-an-effort-but-really-I-have sort of way, and it gives me an excuse to me super lazy and not bother straightening/waving my hair.
Again, with this, it doesn't feel horrible or tacky on the hair and it's easy to brush through, and I'm such a wimp when it comes to getting knots and tangles out of my hair. It makes me sneeze for some reason. Who knows?! Anyway, I really do love both of these products and priced just short of the four pound mark, will be buying, and rebuying them until the end of time.
Will you be giving these a try?


Hey everyone. As you will know, today is the last day of June, whoa, how quickly has half of the year gone?!, which means, that D-day is just one sleep away for Google Reader. I'm actually really grumpy over the whole thing as Google Reader is actually my preferred method of catching up on blogs, but in spirit of moving with times, you can follow my blog with Bloglovin'. I hope you all decide to stick around and I'll see you on the other side, Laura xxxxx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


If you're not yet up to speed, you can check out part one, here. Basically, I decided that I wanted my dark hair back blonde, and fast so over twenty four hours, I managed to get it to the colour in the last picture pretty much scathe free with no apparent damage to my hair, and thought I'd take you along for the ride. So, on with part 2.
After using Colour B4 (part 1) I reached for an old favourite; Scwarzkopf Live Colour XXL in 00A 'Absolute Platinum'. I love this dye. I used it every six years for two years straight back in the white blonde days and never has it caused any damage to my hair- no drying, no split ends, no snapping. I can't fault it.
So, I just stuck it on my hair, avoiding the roots where my natural colour had come through (because it will turn it bright white) to lift a whole heap of my colour out. Having naturally fairly dark hair, I do obviously still have some warmth to it, along with the remainder on the super dark dye left over after Colour B4, so I was hoping to take it to a pale orangey shade, just light enough to cover with an ash toned dye, which as you can see, worked wonders.
If you take a look at my hair colour after Part 1, you will see again how much colour has been lifted from then till this step, and although I know a lot of people would be panicking at this point, having bright orange hair, this isn't something that phases me as I've been through this process enough times to realise it's not going to stick around for long. I used two boxes of the Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL because I find one box isn't quite enough.
Anyway, as much as I loved having orange hair... the plan wasn't to keep it so I cracked on with my next dye- Nice 'N Easy's Natural Light Ash Blonde. Basically, anything with ash tones, or cool tones in will neutralise any warmer tones (i.e, orange and yellow). I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these dyes from Nice 'N Easy. I love the colour range, and there is not a single ash toned dye out there that I have found to be better than their range, however, they absolutely wreak to the high heavens of chemicals and I find the fumes burn my eyes, ouch! Plus, I find their dyes to be a little drying and damaging. Obviously, this was amplified on my hair after all it had been through, but that's one for the third and final part of this 'Super Dark to Blonde' series. After using this one dye, my hair wasn't at all terrible. My head was a little sore due to all the chemical processing but nothing too major and all in all, it was a pretty successful attempt, however, the next day, I found it to still be a little orangey and after putting a second box of the Nice 'N Easy Natural Light Ash Blonde on and seeing little difference, I realised that the orangey shade underneath was not actually pale enough to be fully cancelled out by the ash dye, and that's where I'm going to leave it for today. I'll see you all (hopefully) in Part 3.

Monday, 24 June 2013


So amidst all this choatic blogging business, it's sometimes hard to remember just to take some time to yourself and relax; no computer, laptop, phone, etc.
I've used bath salts before but never really got into them or their concept. Sure, they smell good but that's as far as me and bath salts have ever got.
When I saw Fleur talking about Therapie's Himalyan Detox Salts and how great she found them at helping her switch off and have a great night's sleep, I thought I'd give bath salts another go, however after realising that these magical salts came with a £35 price tag, I went onto good old Ebay in search of a cheaper alternative, and that's where Absolute Aromas Detox Himalayan Bath Salt comes in.
Now then, I've never really tried to describe a smell to  you guys before. When it comes to perfume, I've always played it safe by describing 'notes' but with bath salts, you don't really get 'notes' as such to rely on. So here goes... Firstly, these smell absolutely gorgeous. They remind me of one of the rooms in the Center Parcs Spa, if any of you have been there? When I stick my nose in the jar, the first thing that hits me is a light floral smell but when I breathe deeper, I get really strong citrus. I've looked at the ingredients which tell me this is grapefruit, but I would say it's more lemon/lime. It reminds me of some sort of sweet but I cannot for the life of me think which sweet it is so if any of you do try this, please do let me know if you work it out.
Anyway, I'm sure you all know how bath salts work; you pour some into your running bath, they dissolve and make your bath smell pretty.
The main thing though, is whether these actually work, and while it's quite possibley a psychological thing, I do feel much more relaxed after using these and I genuinely do go to bed feeling calmer, switched off from the world and ready to sleep.
I really do like the Absolute Aromas Detox Himalayan Bath Salt and will definitely be repurchasing these, for £3.57 why wouldn't you?! Have a nosey here at the Ebay seller.
Will you be giving these a go?
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Saturday, 22 June 2013


I've tried products from KIKO before in the form of makeup but this Light Legs Crackling Mousse with scented technology just blows my mind!
The idea behind the Scented Technology collection is that each product from the collection has different fragrances which provide different beauty benefits for each product. As well as having active fragrances, the products also have active ingredients, active colours and a sensoriality element to them.
In the Light Legs Crackling Mousse, the active ingredients are blueberries, liquorice and escine which are said to stimulate surface microcirculation and strengthen capillary vessels which in turn stimulates draining action. It would make sense for me to tell you at this point what the Mousse actually does so we can bring it all together.
The Mousse is basically intended to relieve tired, worn out legs, so that's where the draining action comes in.
Also helping with the microcirculation regenerating action is the active fragrance; geranium essential oil, and it really does smell so nice. Nothing too overpowering, just pretty and floral.
It's packaged in this purple tin can with the aim of encouraging calmness. The purple is also associated with relaxation and concerntration. I'm personally not too sure whether the colour of the can effects this too much, but it's a pretty colour none the less. Maybe if I started at it for hours, I'd see the colour benefits.
The finally element that KIKO aims to bring is a sensoriality one; this is my favourite part! You were probably wondering up until now why this product is described as a 'Crackling Mousse'. You basically pump the Mousse into your hand and rub it into your legs and your legs sound like a massive piece of popping candy! It really does crackle as it's sinking in. There is science behind this, as if you needed anymore reason to buy it, but again the crackling sensation helps with the microcirculation as well as helping to release the fragrance of the product.
The most important thing though, is whether it actually works. That said, I think I'd still buy it for the novelty of the crackling noise. But you'll be pleased to know that it actually does. It makes my legs feel icey, as if someone with really cold breath is blowing on them. I hope that makes sense? And after using the Light Legs Crackling Mousse, I do genuinely feel more relaxed (And a little bit exciteable!). I will be getting my next can of this ASAP and really recommend you giving this a go too- it's really lovely after being sat in the sun just to cool you down a little bit.
So, will you be trying this?

Friday, 21 June 2013


 Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover £11.99.

So, I realise that I haven't put any 'before' pictures up, but they're splattered all over my blog so I'm sure you'll be able to find one for reference. Anyway, last week, I decided to just go for it and commit to going back blonde.
For those of you who have been reading my blog since before November of last year will know that I once had super light blonde hair, but that after toning it down a little in November time, I went fully dark in the New Year.
Now, my hair is naturally a mid-brown colour which is difficult in itself to get to a blonde shade, but from a near black dye, there was no hope without using something to shift as much of the colour as possible before bringing out the bleach, so with that said, I turned to Colour B4. On with the review.
Basically, Colour B4 is a hair colour remover that comes with three parts. First up, you have A and B, which you mix together, much like your average box dye. You then leave this on for thirty to sixty minutes, depending on whether you have the extra strength version of Colour B4 or not. Going from super dark, I chose the extra strength and left it for for sixty minutes, wrapped up in cling film to help with development, took it down after the development time and jumped in the shower.
You then have to rinse you hair for at least five minutes, before applying part C, the buffer, which you have to leave on for a couple of minutes, before rinsing again for another five minutes. You then use the buffer for a second time as you would a regular shampoo and rinse.
As you can see, it does look a bit scary on your head when it turned this odd pink colour, but it did not by any means end up being this shade, and while my hair was still dark at this point, the amount of colour that was lifted was crazy. It actually lifted enough for me to be able to get my hair to a blonde shade two days later, so all  in all, I'd say that Colour B4 has been a massive success.
It didn't burn, it didn't dry out my hair, it didn't cause breakage, in fact, I can't think of anything negative at all.
One thing I will say is that everyone I have spoken to and the reviews that I have seen have said that this stuff smells terrible and although I did have a blocked nose, what I could smell was not awful at all. A little odd, perhaps, but nothing gastly.
I have also seen a lot of people saying that this turned their hair ginger/orange/yellow. This might be a hard one to get your head around girls, but that's because your hair is now ginger/orange/yellow. Basically, most dyes contain a level of peroxide, even the darkest ones, which lift your colour enough to allow the dye to apply easily and stick on the hair. In lifting, the peroxide strength will only be such to enable the colour to take. Therefore, super dark dyes will probably lift your colour to an orangey shade, which will still be there once the colourant has been taken away. This hasn't happened with my hair but I can only assume that is because a) I have only dyed it dark a handful of times or b) I actually had almost white hair beforehand so the peroxide had no colour to lift anyway. But here, the lesson to be learnt is that once you have that orangey/yellow hair, you can dye over it with a colour similar to that of your natural one and then just let your hair grow out if you do so wish.
If you're wanting it super light, it's a lot less harmful to lift colour from orange/ginger to blonde than from very dark to blonde, so Colour B4 actually does a lot of the hard work for you, keeping your hair in the best state possible.
I really do believe that Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover does what it says on the tin. It lifts dark colour and leaves you with your hair colour underneath without any damage or stress to the hair.
Have you ever tried Colour B4?

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Thursday, 20 June 2013


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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Before we get down to business I wish to apologise for my straggly hair- these pictures were taken at a point in time between going from super dark brown to blonde and so there is a slight orange tinge and a heck of a lot of frizz as it had been quickly half hairdried so that I could get these pictures taken before the light went totally to pot and blah, blah, blah. That's quite enough of that, on to Firmoo.
Firmoo did a sweep of the blogging world a few months back and I found my dashboard being filled with various reviews and promises of free glasses and while interested, I'm a firm believer in 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' so I left my interest on the back burner and got on with my life.
When Firmoo contacted me, however, to ask whether I'd like to give a couple of pairs of their glasses a whirl, they were brought back into mind and the rest is history.
As a glasses wearer anyway, I had in mind a pretty good idea of the glasses that I fancied and ones that would suit my face shape, head size, etc. but if you are not over familiar with this kind of thing then Firmoo offer a virtual 'try-on' service. You basically upload a picture of your mush onto their site then scroll through the glasses 'trying them on' till your heart's content. I think this is such a great idea because it saves on disappointment when your glasses arrive and aren't at all as flattering on as you had thought.
So glasses chosen, you can then enter your prescription details or just choose to have a non-perscription lense fitted if you're not a glasses wearer. I chose just to have plain glass to see how I got on with them but am now considering ordering another pair with my prescription.
The service from Firmoo was incredible, the glasses arrived by courier super fast and I cannot fault them at all  in this area.
Ok, so I actually picked a pair of huge pastel coloured ones; they have lilac frames and them pink ear pieces. I LOVE these. They are so pretty and summery and really make a statement. I will definitely be wearing these throughout summer. Also being a hayfever sufferer, they actually help to keep some of the pollen out of the old eyes so win-win really.
The second pair are in a lovely tortoise shell frame. I've always wanted a frame with that print. I have no idea why but they're ever so pretty. Again, they're pretty big but not even close in size to the pastel ones.
I really do like both pairs and I hope they last me a long time too, which I can't see being an issue as they are really good quality, especially for the price that Firmoo charge!
Here's the best part; if you fancy trying out Firmoo glasses they actually have a first pair free programme which you can learn more about here and as if that wasn't generous enough, on this page, you can also enter a lucky draw which will give you a chance to win an extra free pair with one winner being chosen at random every day.
So with nothing to lose, and a lovely pair of new glasses to gain, will you be giving Firmoo a try?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013



Lip crayons have been floating around for a while now but these are products that I reach for particularly in the Summer months, so with that said, it makes sense that Models Own have chosen this time of year to launch their own variation of this type of product; "Lip Stix".
The shades I have are Very Berry, a deep brown toned berry shade that screams old school Hollywood glamour, and Beauty Blush, a girly Barbie pink shade.
The Lip Stix have a satin finish yet are not at all drying. They are very moisturising in fact and sit nicely and comfortably on the lips. They are easy to apply by just sweeping across the lips and they stay put for around the three hour mark (when eating and drinking).
They twist up, much like a normal lipstick and contain around an inch in lenght of product. They don't melt like many of these types of products from other brands, and this recent burst of Summer has let me put this to the test.
All in all, they're just a really lovely product and for £5.00, you cannot go wrong.
The Lip Stix are currently only available on the Models Own site but will be on sale in Boots from 7th of August.
Will you be picking any up?

Sunday, 16 June 2013


KIKO Self Tanning Rapid Drops £11.90*.

My skin is rubbish when it comes to fake tanning. I have reactions to most of them and those which I don't, are too dark for my face but I have found a new friend in KIKO's Self Tanning Rapid Drops specifically designed for the face.
You treat it a lot like a gradual tanning moisturiser in that you can apply it daily if you want tp to build up your colour to the desired shade and in that it doesn't go drastically dark like your average fake tan for face and body, however, it does give you a natural looking tan fast, which is where it differs slightly from a gradual tanning moisturiser. 
You apply it to clean, dry skin and over three hours it develops, none of that waiting over night nonsense to see the colour, and also, it doesn't have that fake tan smell either- I won't lie, for the first hour or so after application, I occasionally get a slight whiff of something but it's more like a moisturiser smell than a fake tan one, and after a short time, there's no smell to it at all. 
Another great thing for me is that you only use a small amount, 'drops' in fact, as the name would suggest, so this is definitely a product that will last for a while.
As you know, I'm really pale and on me, this just looks so natural, not at all orange or too dark, just the perfect shade. I would pop up a picture for you girls but unfortunately I burned my face on a hairstyler which shall go unnamed for the purposes of slander/deformation issues (I'm joking, I'm just clumbsy), but the lesson to be learned here is that heat near your face is dangerous so be careful. Anyway, I just didn't think it'd make for awfully pleasant viewing as it's starting to scab over, oh so gross, but I shall show you all once it's gone down a little.
So, to finish off, I love this face tanner. It is without question the best one I have tried and I will be using it whenever I tan from face from now until forever(?), hopefully.
Will you be giving KIKO's Self Tanning Rapid Drops a go?

Friday, 14 June 2013


If you read my recent hair extensions post (here) then you'll have hear me waffle on about the online retailer Hairtrade selling not only Instense Hydrating Mask.
Now, first up, I know that Moroccan Oil are somewhat pricey and where I do believe this to be worth every single penny of the RRP, I also believe that it's good to find the bargains where you can and Hairtrade actually charge £22.60 which is slightly cheaper than the recommended £23.85. Pennies make pounds and that's an extra £1.25 you can put towards another product, yay!
Anyway, onto the product itself. Now then, on the tub, the mask is recommended for medium to thick dry hair, however, the website states that it's suitable for all hair types and as I have quite the opposite of medium to thick hair- thin and fine- I'd definitely say the suitable for all hair types claim is true. Rather than leaving my hair flat and limp (as many products recommended for thicker hair do) it gave my hair lots of body and volume- so much so that even when I left it to air dry, my hair was left looking like I'd had a lovely blowdry- ever so bouncy and glossy.
Basically, you take a 'generous' amount to clean damp hair, leave it for 5-7 minutes and the rinse, and you are directed to do this 1-2 times a week.
I apply it after shampooing and wringing out most of the water from my hair, rub it in, comb my hair through and then leave it for a little while before rinsing it out. I personally like to leave it in for a little longer than the 5-7 minutes, just to be sure that it's had time to really work on my hair.
Once I've rinsed it all out, I'll jump out of the shower, towel dry my hair and then brush it. My hair is super unruly on the tangle front due to it being so fine so you can imagine how pleased I was when the paddle brush just went straight through, with no leave-in conditioner!
In order to really get a feel for how well the mask worked, after using this each time, I have witheld from using my usual lotions and potions, including oil, as the mask hair argan oil in and I can honestly say, I have not missed using any of them. My hair feels just as nice, silky and soft without, if not even more so. It's shiny, and just generally more manegeable.
The smell of this mask is really nice too and reminds me of just a salon smell, if that makes sense? So with how it looks, feels and smells, the Intense Hydrating Mask leaves me feeling like I've just been to a salon and have left with lovely, swishy hair.
Have you tried the Moroccan Oil Mask? Or if not, will you be giving it a go?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Viridian Nutrition is a brand that believes in 'caring for others as we care for ourselves' by having a range of natural, vegan and in most instances, organic products aimed at providing a number of beauty benefits to those who use them.
On today's agenda are two of the products from their range; their S.P.F (Skin Pro-Factors) capsules*.
Ok, so first up, I'm going to talk about their S.P.F capsules. In this instance, please be aware that spf is not meant in the sun protectant manner. The info here). The capsules also contain grape seed extract which is the element that protects the skin internally from sun related damage.
The capsules themselves are very easy to take, there's no nasty thick tablets here, just think, sleek capsules which are easily taken with water. There's no nasty after taste and no unpleasant side effects. You can take one or two of the capsules a day, and I personally have been taking just the one. I think a good way to think of these is as vitamins with further benefits. I have noticed since taking them that I have not got sick, I'm actually nuturious for sore throats at this time of year but this time round (touch wood) almost as soon as I've felt a bit of a sore throat coming on, it's gone again without the full 'Oooooh, I feel so horrid, I'm staying in bed ALL week!' that usually ensues. This may be a coincidence but I really believe it's down to those little immune boosting carotenoids in these capsules. And to think, on top of this, these capsules are looking after my skin and protecting me from the inside from nasty aging caused by the sun. They really are little miracle workers.
The second product on the hit list is their Ultimate Beauty Organic Skin Repair Oil. Think Bio Oil but more natural. This oil is meant to smooth out skin tone and reduce scarring and stretch marks. It's again vegan and organic and is also free of any synthetic fragrances and colourings which makes it suitable for even sensitive skin tones.
I have actually been using this oil since around the last week in May and can honestly say that I have noticed a difference to my skin. It has definitely smoothed out my skin tone particularly on my legs and I can see it working it's magic on a little scar I have on my knee. It's quite a thick formula but sinks in quickly, leaving the area of application with a nice, healthy sheen. It also makes my skin feel super hydrated and I love the smell too! It's all herbally and for some reason, just really relaxes me. 
I can also tell that it's going to last such a long time as a small amount of the oil goes a long way. This means that the little pump comes in extra handy because no product is wasted. It just feels like such a luxurious product and so as it retails at only £15.15 for 100ml, I will definitely be buying myself another one once this has finished.
I had never heard of the brand Viridian Nutrition prior to being contacted by a very nice lady called Hayley and I honestly feel like I have discovered a couple of products that I will take with me for years to come. I really do recommend having a look at both of these products as well as the other's that are available on Viridian Nutritions website as I'm sure there will be something that will benefit each and every one of you. I will definitely be investing in some more of Viridian's products in the future and am looking forward to finding even more beauty benefits.
What do you think of vegan and organic products? Will you be looking into Viridian Nutrition more?

Monday, 10 June 2013


 Prior to being contacted by a very lovely lady named Louise, I had never heard of the brand 'amie'. She sent me over some information about their ethos and the products they sell and I found myself nodding along to the pdf in agreement with all their policies.
First off, they are a vegetarian and vegan friendly brand. Being a vegetarian myself, this is something I always favour in products, and the majority of their products being vegan too means that their range is pretty much suited to everyone's needs. I say the majority because the SPRING CLEAN Cooling Clay Mask* does contain a percentage of beeswax but the NEW BLOOM Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes* and SKIN SHIELD Daily Moisturiser* are 100% free of any animal ingredients.
Additionally, all of Amie's skincare is free of parabens, mineral oils, sulphates and petrochemicals. This means that you're not putting any nasties on your face but also, that their products are suitable for sensitive skin.
Now, onto the actual products; I'm going to start with the SKIN SHIELD moisturiser purely because it's packaged in bright yellow and makes me feel all summery. The daily moisturiser contains SPF 15 and protects from both UVA and UVB rays. A little science lesson for you now- most moisturiser SPF's contain UVB protection only. These rays are responsible for sunburn and only tend to come out when it's sunny. UVA rays, however, are present all the time and are the ones that can cause ageing over time, and nobody wants old looking skin, so it's really important to protect from both types of rays so as an SPF freak, this ticks all the boxes.
There's no real scent to this and so I belive this would be a good one for even sensitive skin (this along with all the nasties that it's free from!) and it contains sunflower which makes me smile because firstly it's a sunflower, and that's cute but secondly, sunflower extract is really great at keeping skin soft, which this moisturiser really does. If you weren't already sold, it also contains lots of fruits packed with anti-oxidants as well as multi-vitamins.
I feel like I've waffled on about all the sciencey bits and ingredients, etc. but as a product, it's lovely. It keeps my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. I'd say it's quite thick in consistency but not so thick that it just sits on the skin. It sinks in quickly and doesn't leave skin greasy. And the best bit? It retails at £5.95.
The NEW BLOOM Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes are 'right up my street' for want of a better word. They basically act as a normal make up wipe with the added bonus of a cleansing element. So for those of you who may be a little... relaxed(?) with your skincare routine after a late one, these are perfect. They would also be perfect for camping and the upcoming festival season! I personally will not be braving any festivals this summer but I know that I will still be using these to death to take my make up off as soon as I get home before doing my full routine later.
So far, I have really enjoyed using them, they've been keeping my skin clear and I have had no break out issues. These are also suitable for sensitive skin and the fact that they contain pomegranate makes me feel a little bit giddy as I am obsessed with pomegranates! Again, these are unscented and retail at £3.49 for 25 wipes.
Finally, Louise spoilt me by including a little bonus in the form of the SPRING CLEAN Cooling Clay Mask. This smells amazing! Like the lime Starburst. It took me about half an hour of sniffing to work what it was that it reminded me of. First I went down the lemon Refresher route but then my mind took a bit of a detour and lime Starburst it was. This contains French Sea clay which is renowned for it's skin benefits including oil and buildup removal, as well as Zinc Oxide which is a natural anti-bacterial, Lime butter (that's where the Starbursts come from) that tones skin and shrinks pores and peppermint which I believe is responsible for the slight tingle I experienced while this was on my face, leaving it healthy, fresh and glowing. This again, is so cheap it's unbelievable, I only have the sample size here but the full size is only £4.95, and it does actually give all of the skin benefits it claims, it left my skin fresh, clear and glowing without being greasy. I will definitely be buying this again, over and over!
So, after what could constitute a small novel, I thought I'd finish up by saying that I really do adore Amie Skincare from what I have seen of it so far. I'm hoping to try the NEW LEAF Skin Exfoliating Polish next so I'll be sure to let you know how I get on with that.
Amie products are available at as well as on Amazon.
Will you be trying any of Amie's products? Which do you like the sound of?

Sunday, 9 June 2013


I am often telling you all how fine and flat my hair is and how I'm a big fan of any product that can add natural looking volume, so after having success with volumizing powder before, I decided to see what the VO5 one had to offer.
The basic idea with these is that you sprinkle the powder either onto your fingers and rub it in or directly to your roots and again, rub it in. With the powder in particular, it is recommended that you apply it straight to your roots. I find this gives more volume anyway so this is my preferred method of application with all of these powders.
I particularly like the packaging of this powder, I find that the dispenser cap helps in giving you just the right amount of powder. It's also a lot less sticky than other brands that I have tried. Don't get me wrong, there is still some stickiness to it but not as much as others. I like this because I find that some of the others, due to their stickiness can really hurt my head when I'm trying to brush my hair through but this one is nowhere near as painful.
This isn't' sounding like a great review so far 'less painfull than others' hardly sounds positive does it? But I really do like this powder. It really lifts my hair giving it natural looking volume and a bit of texture too. I really rate this product and will be favouring it in future over other volumizing powders.
What do you think of volumizing powders? Do you have a favourite?

Saturday, 8 June 2013


After using the toner from the Seaweed range for around a year now, I really thought it was time I expanded my Seaweed collection and as a result, I now have a lovely new little product to share with you today in the shape of the Seaweed Pore Perfector.
Basically, you apply this on your face to problem areas after doing your morning routine before moisturising. It acts to unclog pores and combat blemishes as well as reducing pore size with the help of cinnamon and burnet extracts.
Now that's the technical stuff out of the way, I would like to tell you how lovely this little product is. It has a gel based texture which smooths onto the skin nicely and sinks in instantly. Once it has sunk in, you can't feel it at all. It isn't sticky or tacky, it just feels like your skin.
I don't have massive pores anyway but I find this really does minimise the appearance of them. It makes make up sit more nicely too in that it looks flawless.
Even though this is recommended for combination or oily skin, I don't really have either, mine is just pretty average and I still find this to suit my skin.
You also only use the tiniest amount of this so it will last forever and so is a great investment at £11.00. 
Have you tried any of the Seaweed range from The Body Shop?

Friday, 7 June 2013


They're Real has been blogged about countless times and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a single negative review to date, with good reason may I add.
I was very lucky when my lovely friend Laura picked one up for me mid exam chaos so I still got to try it out and fall in love with it just like everyone else.
This actually reminds me a lot of a Max Factor's Masterpiece mascara that I used to use when I was around fourteen. I don't actually know why I stopped using it because I loved it at the time. I guess, I probably just tried a new one out and forgot about the whole thing. Anyway, back to They're Real.
The brush is plastic and the bristles prevent clumping without over separating the lashes, and so not compromising on the volume front.
Where this mascara really comes into its own, for me, though is in the length department. It makes my eyelashes look so, so long. It even beats mascaras I have tried with fibres added in to the formula. Very impressive and it also leaves my lashes super black too.
I have heard a number of people talking about the difficulties of removing this but I have had no such problem. I like to take eye make up off initially with a wipe before going on to the whole cleansing, etc., routine and the majority, if not all of this mascara is removed with a wipe alone.
I do really love this mascara and will definitely be repurchasing it. It is pricey but I believe that it's worth every single penny.
Have you tried Benefit's They're Real? What did you think of it?

Thursday, 6 June 2013


I don't really do eyeshadow, I just don't get it. I see all these pretty smokey eyes floating around and after countless trials and an equal amount of errors, I have come to the conclusion that eyeshadows are just not my forte, however after seeing this post by the lovely Chelsea I felt inspired once again and decided to get myself a couple of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I am a neutrals girl through and through so I opted for a couple of shades that fit with that critera, On and On Bronze which is a gorgeous shimmery brown with the slightest hint of copper (so pretty much bronze), and Eternal Pink which is a very soft, pale pink shimmer.
I really like these. They can be lightly applied for a subtle wash of colour or built up for a more of a night-time eye. I'd say my favourite out of the two is the bronze one, just because it sits nicer with my eye colour.
I can see why the Color Tattoos have been so named because they really do stay put and after the initial short blending period, they do not budge. At all. Until removed properly.
They feel nice and creamy to apply and are incredibly pigmented, and definitely feel a lot more expensive than they are.
Although I'm using them on their own currently, I have seen many people use these as a base for their eyeshadows which I may well experiment with in due course.
I will definitely be buying more of these, I'm eyeing up Permanent Taupe at the moment and I think it's Eternal Silver which is a silver-white shade, which would be perfect for a brow bone and inner corner highlight.
Have you tried the Color Tattoos from Maybelline?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013



I waited and waited and waited for these to arrive on the Boots website and as soon as they did, they were in my basket and on their way to my house quick as flash. I love peach cheeks so the obvious choice for me waas shade 02 in Healthy Glow (although, I will be picking up the other three too after seeing a number of swatches of the since).
I'm a real fan of cream blushes, I just like how the blend, feel and everything in between. This one is described as a cream to powder blush, however once applie, it doesn't at all look powdery. It just sinks into the skin and looks like, as Bourjois describe it, a 'second skin'.
The blush is incredibly pigmented so I find it best to start with a small amount and build it up to get the intensity that I want.
Once applied it doesn't feel sticky and it stays on the face well, I know a lot of cream blushes can sort of slide off the face as the day goes on but this stays put on me which makes me a very happy bunny.
There is a small amount of shimmer in the blush but this doesn't really translate onto the face as such, but instead just leaves you with an illuminated, dewy cheek.
As you may have guessed from the big hint of me telling you that I am going to be buying the other three blushes in the range, I really do adore this little blush and cannot recommend it enough.
Have you tried these blushes? Do you like them?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


L'oreal Nude Magique CC Cream £9.99.
I only ever tried out one BB cream and after being left pretty unmoved, I decided that I'd tar them all with the same brush, but when the CC creams started to emerge, all past experiences were forgotten and I was keen to give them I go.
I opted for L'oreal's offerings as I liked the idea of the different pigments being tailored to offer specific fixes.
I decided to pick up two; anti redness (green) and anti fatigue (peach). I do often get red cheeks and the overall appearance of my skin is pretty tired at the minute.
So, as you can see from the pictures, the creams themselves are quite a thin, liquid texture. This means they blend nicely giving a light coverage. They come out in the colours of the pigments but contain smart pigment capsuals which turns them into a more generic foundation colour once you begin to blend them into the skin. I've started this process in the last picture and you can see how the initial colours are beginning to transform into skin colour, which is a good job, because lets face it, nobody wants to look like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz.
I have heard criticism surrounding the anti-fatigue cream in particular for it being too 'orange', which is understandable if you take the example I have shown in th last picture, however, I feel this to be a little unfair as once properly blended, this is not the case at all and that orange look fits perfectly with my skin tone.
The finish on these is a little dewy but I'd describe it as more like a normal, fresh skin finish. It evens out skin tone and texture and provides, according to L'oreal, 24 hour hydration. I haven't left these creams on for that amount of time but during wear, my skin does feel really moisturised. There is also the addition of SPF 12 in these which I'm really happy about, being the SPF nut that I am.
I really do like these, much more than the BB cream I tried (which was not from L'oreal which may have a role to play) and I will definitely be wearing these more and more frequently as the weather at the moment is (without wanting to jinx it) lovely. It would seem that with June, summer has arrived!
Will you be trying these CC creams? Do you like the concept of pigment capsules?

For some reason, Next are still accepting entried (not complaining).

Monday, 3 June 2013


Prior to trying out the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, I hadn't tried any REN products. I'd always seen and heard great things about a number of their products but as I had a skincare routine  that I was pretty pleased with, never branched out. In recent weeks, however, my skin has been looking really dull. I put this down to a month's worth of exams but I digress.
Basically, with this mask, you apply it to your face, leave it for ten minutes the wipe it off with a damp cloth (which is provided) and then you just give your face a quick rinse.
The first time I applied this mask, I was a bit confused. I was expecting it to dry over the ten minutes it was applied but it didn't and as it is described as a 'peel' mask, you'd forgive me for expecting it to peel off at the end of this time so when neither of these two things happened, I was a bit sceptical of seeing results but I really needn't have been because from the minute it was washed off, I could see a difference in my skin, and after using it again the difference is crazy.
My skin looks brighter, clearer and just overall more healthy. My skintone looks a lot more even and any redness left by blemishes seems to disappear.
The mask itself feels quite sticky and smells like a mixture of honey, orange and plastic- if that makes sense? It's quite pleasant and I actually enjoy having it on my face.
I will definitely be buying this for myself once it runs out as I don't know how I managed without it before, it just lifts my face somehow and as I will most probably be donning a bare face more often over the summer months, radiant skin is something which is really important to me. I'm also really keen to try the Invisible Pores Detox Mask so I will be sure to let you know how that goes. Have you tried any of REN's masks? Which is your favourite?