Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan, £37.49.

I'm really fussy with fake tans, not because I'm a brand snob but because I react badly to so many of them, and that's added on top of the application time and constant reapplications that are needed to keep a tan looking natural so this organic offering (no nasties to react to) from Vita Liberata that claims to last between two and three weeks seemed right up my street.
The tan lasts longer due to the ingredients containing pHen02 technology and a combination of natural nourishing extracts, which are again all nice and natural.
Another factor that I'm sure will appeal to so man of you about this tan is that it doesn't smell. At all. Not one bit. Ever. I know a lot of people say 'ooh, this tan doesn't smell' and it still has a slight whiff to the product but this has no scent to it what so ever, which is perfect. It also gives a lovely colour that you can control. You basically apply the Long Lasting Tan Mousse using a tanning mit and wait. The mousse does have a colour to it so it easy to see where you may have missed a patch straight away and to add a little more to that area. 
Once applied you can leave the tan to develop anywhere between three to twenty four hours before showering and then reapply for an extra long lasting tan.
I have now done this twice, in three weeks, once straight after getting this, and then once two weeks later and I can honestly say at the two week mark, the tan had just started to fade the tiniest amount and there were no blotches, scaly patches, etc. just a natural faint fade.
I love this an will definitely be buying another can, although slightly pricey, it is currently on offer at Boots for £24.99 (still pricey) but is definitely, in my eyes, worth every penny, especially as you will be using it less often than other pricey fake tan brands.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Today's post is a little different to my usual and it includes a snazzy iframe video- ooh! Basically, I'm going to be taking inspiration from Pepsi Max's #LIVEFORNOW campaign and tell you how I will be 'Living For Now' this Summer! So without further ado, I'll let you all watch this little video and have a little break from my waffling before getting back down to it.


I was intrigued by the Pepsi Max cans when I saw they were splattered with Dynamo a week or so again now at work. Now, I personally am not a Pepsi drinker- don't shoot me- but it just so happens that everyone else in the office is, and after seeing the aforementioned cans, and doing a little bit of research into why the man who Alex thinks has genuine superhuman powers was gracing them, I found out that it's all to do with the #LIVEFORNOW campaign under which with every can of Pepsi bought, consumers (looks like I'm out of luck on this one-boo!) will have the chance to win some lovely prizes. So, not wanting to get left out of all the action because of my taste buds, I decided that I would put my own spin on #LIVEFORNOW and tell you some little things that I have been doing.

This summer, I have definitely been saying yes more and putting myself up for things that I would not normally do; I went to my first blogger meet-up in Manchester arranged by the FABB Events girls with my lovely blogger buddy Jane and although absolutely terrified, I did it and I really enjoyed it! I have also been driving more, a big thing for someone who gets anxious driving to new places, and nothing bad has happened, in fact, it's made me want to try putting myself out there and driving a little further afield- I'm talking you motorway to Preston! I also bought some new clothes, things that I would never normally buy, or that I'd buy and then never wear, just leave sitting in my wardrobe to look at and wish I could 'pull them off'- this includes a pair of bright blue Dr Marten loafer-type shoes which I actually absolutely love (sorry Alex who thinks they are offensive to the eyes!) and a crop top. 

I know that I may not have been too wild with my Living for Now and I certainly haven't levitated next to a London bus like Dynamo but I have been making small changes and making the most of now. In fact, to celebrate my twentieth birthday, I will be dying my hair lavender and playing at being a mermaid for a few weeks too! This leads me on to my little bucket list of things that I would like to do before the year is out in order to make the most of the year.

a) Braver headgear- big bows, floral crows, the works!
b) Wear more colour- pastels and monochrome are about as adventurous as I am right now and I would love to be able to rock a bright yellow dress or something along those lines.
c) Try different foods- I am definitely stuck in my ways with food and a diet of fried rice from the Chinese and salt popcorn would suit me no end but I would like to be a bit more adventurous with that.
d) Visit more- just a general one here but I would just like to see more places generally. How many times can you fit the word general or some variation of it in to a sentence, hey?!

So that's my little take on the phrase, will you be making like Dynamo and Pepsi Max and joining in with the #LIVEFORNOW ethos?! As for Birthday plans, I'm sat on the sofa with a bag of popcorn feeling sorry for myself because I'm feeling a little bit poorly- probably because of all the popcorn I've been eating which is probably going to make me fat but hey, live for now, right?!

Monday, 29 July 2013


Halo Eye Make-Up Remover Pads, £1.53.

I first heard about Halo wipes at the FABB Bloggers Event in Manchester a few weeks ago now, where I met a lovely lady called Stephanie who reminded me so much of Gillian Zinser it was crazy, anyway, let's not go off on one here. She told Jane and I a little more about her products and explained how Binky of Made In Chelsea was the face of the brand, and that was me sold. 
As a bit of a Made In Chelsea geek myself, we got chattering on about Andy Jordan and how Lucy has gone from the baddie to being pretty likable, but fortunately we were given some Halo wipes to take home with us in our little (massive) goody bags where I could try them out properly, giving them my undivided attention, no Made In Chelsea chatter in sight and I have to say, I was super impressed, so much so that I have actually gone out and purchased more of the Eye Make-up Remover Pads.
These are absolutely brilliant at getting off waterproof mascara and Benefit's They're Real comes straight off with these too. I've heard so many people talk about how stubborn it is and I fully recommend these wipes if you're one of those people. 
One wipe removes all traces of eye makeup, so with a pack of thirty, you're set for a month, and you're not left with little dark rings under your eyes in the morning from that last little bit that most wipes don't shift, and they're also incredible gentle which is so, so important to me (and most people, I imagine).
None of the Halo wipes contain alcohol and they are suitable for all skin, but this is particularly important for me when it comes to things that are going to be going near my eyes. As a hay fever sufferer especially, my eyes do not need any more irritations! I was also glad, therefore, that the Eye Make-up Remover Pads are fragrance free.
It came as a surprise to me that something so gentle could be so effective, but these wipes really are. They don't drag or dry out the skin around my eyes either which is always a plus.
As well as Eye Make-up Remover Pads, Halo have Deodorant Wipes, Toilet & Surface Wipes, Handy Hygienic Wipes and Moist Toilet Tissues, all of which you can read about on the Halo website, here. Will you be turning to Halo wipes this summer?

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Illamasqua Cream Blush in Brazen £18.00.

Not one for the wallflowers among you, Illamasqua's Brazen is a bright red with the teeniest tiniest pink undertone which only seems to be picked up in photos. In 'real life' it appears to be a true red, despite it's brownish tinges in the picture on Illamasqua's site.
The consistency of this is lovely, as is the case with all of Illamasqua's cream based products. Brazen is thick, and gives a finish that I'd describe as Satin. It's sort of glowy but then matte at the same time. It's a tricky one to explain but it is ever so lovely, and it doesn't budge. I swatched this for pictures and it stuck around for two days despite showers and multiple hand washes. It had faded, of course, but there was still an obvious trace of the colour. It would make sense then, that it is weather resistant- yes I'm talking about you crazy hot-sticky sun!
Not only do I love this as a blusher, it's also gorgeous as a lipstick and I love wearing the two together, it makes me feel like Snow White, minus the black hair of course. 
I can see me getting a lot of use out of this in the winter months too, I'm sure it'll look gorgeous on paler skin!
Do you like Illamasqua blushes?

Friday, 26 July 2013


Ethnic Prints & Skirts

 So far this summer there’s no sign of flagging in the ethnic prints love affair we all seem to be engaged in. Why? Well there have been a variety of reasons put forward, all of them valid as far as I can see.

Some suggest that it’s because we are all travelling abroad to more and more exotic places, especially in South East Asia, the Caribbean, South America, the Indian subcontinent and North Africa, and we want to celebrate what we’ve seen the locals wearing there (are carry round a reminder of our holiday) by wearing ethnic print skirts, jackets, blouses, shawls… anything really. In fact I’ve heard said that the word “tribal” in fashion terms has become to mean anything that’s of a non-European indigenous nature- and then someone will point out that there are some great “tribal” designs from Lapland, Catalonia and Western Turkey. Ok ok already- it can mean whatever you want it to mean I guess!

Western designers such as Tom Ford and Cedric Charlier have been fusing multi-ethnic folklore designs into modern clothes- especially skirts. There’s more than a hint of zig-zag Aztec and Mayan influences there, and the beauty of an ethnic print skirt is that it can go with almost anything- plain or even more tribal.

The other thing about ethnic print skirts is that they invariably have great colours; I think we’ve all become a little jaded with the monochrome black and white 1960’s look. As Summer turns to Autumn I predict that you will see more and more skirts, of all lengths and styles, sporting ethnic prints. Combine your ethnic print skirt with an elegant but simple black blouse and heels for a night out on the town or to your favourite exotic restaurant, or wear it with a T-shirt and flat ankle boots for a more casual look as you head out to the beach as the sun sets.

There’s a lot of crossover between ethnic/tribal print skirts and the gypsy/bohemian look. Boho, whether a throwback to hippy-dippy early seventies at Woodstock or or a nod to your holiday in Goa, is in big-time. African, Indian and Asian print skirts, whether a mini or a swishy maxi are a must- go check your wardrobe now! This style goes well with beads, flip-flops, distressed jean jackets, and scarves or shawls. And don’t forget your chunky wooden or plastic brightly coloured bracelet!

While you can, if you want, spend a lot on a designer house ethnic skirt, you can also find some great designs and styles in the less expensive High Street shops. And (dare I say this?) check out your local charity shops- you’d be surprised at what people have given up in the ethnic print clothing area. Perhaps they thought it would be so last year this year. ‘Fraid not. Ethnic prints will be every year for the foreseeable future… because we love them so much!

*Sponsored post- none of the content/images are my own.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Rio's facial rejuvenation, or in simple terms, a reduction of lines and wrinkles and a more balanced out skin tone.
So now we've got the technical bit out of the way, I'll get on to the device itself. It's basically like a fancy Wii remote (but is actually nothing like one)! It stands on a docking station for charging and is white in colour. It has a circular power button in the middle which signals not only when the device is on (if the glaringly obvious red light wasn't a big enough clue) but also how much power the unit is holding. This next part is a little bit alien to me, but for all you electronic enthusiasts, it has a 633nm red light source too, which basically refers to the amount of photons that are emitted per second and I'm no expert but that certainly sounds like a lot, which is probably the reason why Skin Revive is so effective.
You use theSkin Revive on and around your laughter lines, just keep your eyes tight shut!
I know that for some twenty minutes might seem like a bit of a hassle, but I personally really like this element, it's a bit of time out of the day where I can just relax and know that I am doing good for my skin.
I was also reliably informed by the little information booklet that you can use Skin Revive on your hands and neck, also areas which show our age. 
Now, although I am only a week short of being twenty (eek!), I am a firm believer in the phrase 'prevention is better than cure' so with that said, I intend to keep using Rio's Skin Revive to aid in rejuvenation and keep the wrinkles at bay until I am at least.. ooh, eighty? But in all honesty, after using this product, my skin feels a little tighter and firmer and just looks brighter somehow. 
I really rate Skin Revive and am excited to keep using this. It's such a great investment and this will outlast any lotion or potion which makes the same claims. 

Rio. Rio's Twitter. Rio's Facebook.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I have waffled on about my love for Amie before and with every new product I try, my enthusiasm for the brand is only strengthened, so today I'm going to give you another glowing review on one of their products, this time it's their MORNING DEW Matte Finish Moisturiser.
In the summer, my skin shines, I'd like to say it glows but I'd be fibbing, it gets shiny, especially on the end of my nose so a matte moisturiser is just what the doctor ordered.
I know a lot of people think oil and moisturising don't go together but it is still so important to moisturise even when skin is oily, and this product definitely doesn't enhance oil at all. In fact, it very cleverly mattifies skin.
So, I'm pretty sure you can see the contents on the little close up picture I've put up at the top from you, but basically, this moisturiser is super hydrating, sinks in to the skin quickly and doesn't leave it greasy at all. It makes my make up sit nicely and really does keep oil at bay for hours and hours.
As with all Amie products, this is super cheap and I will definitely be repurchasing this over and over to use during the summer months every year.
Will you be giving MORNING DEW a try?

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Bryany's Blog.

It's a blog all about the student lifestyle, beauty and fashion delivered in a light hearted way with a touch of my personality to make it more a more enjoyable read. I write about daily things which can happens as a student such as the chores of moving houses, how to save money, not being a stereotypical student and other general lifestyle things. I give reviews on products I've bought and tested such as foundations, nail varnishes, blushes, skincare and anything I come across which I feel others should know about. I also show my hauls of beauty products and clothes and although I haven't done any yet, will be starting to do OOTD posts.

So I have a facebook page where i give a brief update of new posts and post some pictures on there as well.

I also have a Twitter which isn't to do with my blog but if people want to follow they can.

If you would like to advertise with L is for Ladybird next month, then please send me a quick email;

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hair masks are becoming a regular feature on my blog lately and I think I may have found my favourite yet in milk_shake's Active Milk Mask.
I was already a fan of milk_shake and use their Whipped Cream leave-in conditioner every day so I was expecting great things from their Active Milk Mask.
The Active Milk Mask is packed full of milk proteins, rice and avocado oils as well as Vitamin E but to be honest, this would mean zero if it didn't work, soooooo... it's a good job it does!
Basically, you wash your hair as normal and then apply this mask to it while it's still damp, leave it for three to five minutes then wash it off.
I usually like to leave hair masks on for longer than the directed time because I find they do a better job that way but this one really does work in three minutes making it perfect for use in a quick shower. It also smells incredible, like a mixture of milk shake (obviously) and cream soda! So sweet. The smell doesn't stick around in your hair though, which makes me sad but I can see this being a plus for a lot of people who don't want to smell like a sweet shop all day. As I add the leave-in Whipped Cream afterwards, which does stick around all day smell-wise, I get over this point pretty quickly, especially once my hair dries and feels like silk!
I honestly rate this above all other hair masks I have used. I like how quickly it works, I love the smell, I love how it leaves my hair silky, soft and detangled and I love how the results actually last, meaning it's working deep down too!
I will definitely be buying this again and again, it's just perfect!
Will you be trying out milk_shake's Active Milk Mask? If so, you can purchase it from Hairtrade, along with a whole host of other lovely products including hair extensions and other hair care products (plus plenty of other milk_shake goodies!)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I'm pretty lucky when it comes to my skin in that it's always been relatively clear but it's never been what I'd describe as radiant or even healthy looking when left to its own devices so I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for products that claim to aid in getting clear, and healthy skin.
Viridian's offerings really appealed to me, already being a fan of some of their other products, and so I decided to try out their three step plan which includes Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil*.
I'll start on the capsules which are probably the simplest and quickest of the three products to explain/talk about etc. So, the capsules are made up of a blend of minerals, botanicals and antioxidant carotenoids (I've waffled on about carotenoids before, but basically, they're the 'thing' in some plants and foods which make them orange, and when in our body they are converted into antioxidants) as well as containing probiotics which I'm sure you're all familiar with as being those digestion aided things in yoghurt drinks! They are also vegan which means they're going to be ok for everyone to take.
Ok, so on to the Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil. Don't be fooled by the fishy name, there's none of that around here, this too is vegan. This provides all the essential fatty acids found in omega products. Omega 3 in particular is known for its anti-inflammatory action, and if we're honest, nobody wants nasty inflamed blemishes! SO that's always good to know. It also contains all the other things I've been blabbering on about so far; so your antioxidants (including vitamin E which is amazing for the skin, and while we're on it, I really recommend The Body Shop's Vitamin E cream), carotenoids, etc.
What I love about this is that you can put it in foods, so soups, juices, salads, the works!
Now, on to my favourite 'part'' of the trio- the book. This may be my favourite because I'm a bit of a secret geek but it's amazing at explaining how all the different vitamins, minerals etc. work, how they work, what they're found in, the works! I also found it amazingly helpful at helping me understand hayfever, so I'd definitely recommend taking a look at this if you're suffering at the moment like me.
It also gives some amazing recipes which I can't wait to get going with so I'll definitely keep you updated when I do try some of them out. They're mostly vegetarian with a couple of fish dishes thrown in, no other meat at all.
So far, in the month since getting this trio, I have had a grand total of one spot and even that is starting to fade after just two days, so I'm a pretty happy bunny with these products and I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the recipes in the cookbook and seeing if that makes an even bigger difference.
Will you be trying out the Clear Skin trio from Viridian?

Monday, 15 July 2013


With Summer being here, I've turned to Illamasqua's Cream Pigment in Androgen to use on both my cheeks and lips. I love cream based products in the summer, they just wear a lot more nicely somehow.
Androgen is a gorgeous matte coral shade that glides on nicely and lasts all day. It's not the slightest bit sticky and the pigmentation, as you can see is incredible.
I like to apply the Cream Pigment to my cheeks with my fingers, and just blend it with them too, I find this product works better that way than with a brush, and likewise with the lips.
On the lips it's non-drying and again, lasts for a good amount of time.
This is just one of those products that I feel everyone would love and as it's currently in the Illamasqua sale, I'd definitely recommend picking it up (if it ever comes back in stock, that is) and I will definitely be stocking up now that I know how much I love it!
Will you be giving Androgen a go?

Sunday, 14 July 2013



Dress C/O .
I am an avid high-low dress fan, I just find them to be so flattering, appropriate for any occasion and generally just really easy to wear so it will come as no surprise to any of you when I say this is potentially a new favourite dress of mine.
The 'Once Upon a Time- Meggy' dress is black, although it does photograph a little navy for some reason, and has a lovely little red and white petal pattern on it, although they do remind me of little hearts/butterflies. It also has a bright yellow trim around the neckline and sleeves which I'd say were close to neon, but more muted. Definitely good if you're scared of the neon trend like me but want to ease yourself into it.
I've also included the last picture not only so you can check out my footballer's knees but so you can see the actual colour that the dress is to the eye and have a nosey at the pretty high-low detail.
The material is lovely and silky feeling and I just want to stroke it all the time when I have it on, and the best news? It's actually on sale for £24.00 at the minute! Is it just me that gets the urge to buy seconds of things I love wearing when they pop up on sale 'just in case'? Probably, but at least I'll never get caught of guard.
here. What do you think of their Meggy dress? 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


If you're not a brand new reader, chances are you will have seen my post talking about Amie skincare a few weeks back, but just incase, you can find it here. At the end of that post, I said that I fancied trying out their NEW LEAF Skin Exfoliating Polish next, and so, here I am, talking about just that.
Amie's NEW LEAF Skin Exfoliating Polish is basically just an exfoliator designed to be used once, or twice a week. I'm a big fan of exfoliators anyway and tend to use a gentle one every morning so in the spirit of really putting NEW LEAF to the test, I did just that.
I found the Skin Exfoliating polish to be gentle enough for every day use if you are that way inclined, but not so gentle that you don't see the effects of it. The cream wash is packed with exfoliating beads is great at removing any build up in the pores and leaving skin clear and fresh looking, removing any dull skin and providing a radiant complexion.
The beads themselves are a good size and are not too scratchy, just enough to feel a difference. They are both bamboo and jojoba beads which are well known as being good at exfoliating.
It is definitely one of those exfoliators that you see an immediate difference with, which impressed me from the word go. My face just looked a lot brighter and foundation even applies better after using this.
Also, it smells amazing. Sort of like cake mixture, yes, that's where I'd place it. This may be down to the cocoa seed butters that are included to moisturise during exfoliation, as well as sweet almonds, but it also contains mango and orange blossom, again helping to moisturise and soften, although I get less of the fruit and definitely more cake, and for someone who likes cake, I am in heaven when using this.
Amie's NEW LEAF has definitely overtaken my usual daily exfoliator and I am already planning on repurchasing this! Will you be trying out NEW LEAF?

Sunday, 7 July 2013


I finally decided to jumpe on board and get myself some Moroccan Oil. I chose the light version after dying my hair back blonde (light, makes sense) and with having fine hair, it seemed like the sensible option.
Now, I already have an oil  that I'm completely happy with and will always have close to hand; my Osmo Berber oi. It just smells like bubblegum, is really thick and luxurious and sinks in easily leaving my hair so, so soft, so any oil that I get is put up against Osmo's offering.
So, with that said, it's time to see how Moroccan Oil Light stacks up.
The oil itself is quite thin and is more of a liquid oil, this means it glides easily through hair, both wet and dry which is brilliant, but it also makes it a bit annoying as it's so hard to get the perfect amount out, even with use of the handy pump they include. It's probably just me being clumbsy but I always dispense a little too much.
Please don't shoot me on this one, but I really don't like the smell... It sticks around all day and where Alex loves it, I am not a fan at all, so again, I think this is just me being picky.
But, face values aside, does it actuallyy work? Yes! Completely! When I run it through damp hair, it helps it to dry quicker and when I leave it to dry naturally, it brings out my natural waves, which I love. It's all about beach hair right now (and most days of my life as I'm too lazy to do anything with it) so this is perfect for me.
When I run it through dry hair, it makes my ends feel so lovely and soft. I do have to be carefull to dispense of some of the excess that I've pumped out though because if I apply too much of this for my hair, it leaves it feeling a bit odd. Not greasy, which shows it's a great oil, because so many of them do this, but just weird. Once it's all managed to sink in though, it feels nice and silky again though, and when I do apply the right amount first time round, it sinks in easily and quickly.
Overall, I do love Moroccan Oil Light and do think it's worth the price, especially as a little goes such a long way meaning it will last forever. I do still favour my Osmo Berber Oil over this but that's just because it works better for me (and is cheaper! Always a good selling point!) and the smell for me is a winner, everybody loves bubblegum, right? I most probably will repurchase this in like, a year when it runs out.
Do you like Moroccan Oil or do you have an oil that you like better?

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Ok, so having tried the GLAMGLOW Youth-Mud (here) and falling so in love with it that I have since had to fork out two lots of £40 to keep me in pots of it, I was expecting great, but potentially bank breaking results from it's Super-Mud counter part and my goodness was I left super happy/disappointed that I'm not a millionairre after giving a sample of it a go.
So, the Super-Mud differs from the Youth-Mud in that it contains a 6 acid blend, all with a balanced ph, allowing it to give faster results in the blemish/spot/unruly skin department. Also, the Super-Mud can be used as a one spot treatment as well as an entire face mask. So, to really put it through it's paces, I decided to just slap it on everywhere bar my head, where I applied it only to a couple of blemishes that hadn't budged from there all week, and the results?
My face after using the Super-Mud was clear, not a blackhead in sight, no large pores, no nasty reaction, nothing but lovely, clear and smooth skin. On the spots/blemishes? They'd gone. Literally disappeared before my eyes! I wouldn't believe it either if I heard it from somebody else, but it really is a little miracle worker.
Unlike it's counter part, the Youth-Mud, the Super-Mud does not have the tingling sensation with it, and it smells slightly different too. The Super-Mud smells a little like licorice, and it also goes on blacker than the Youth-Mud, but dries the same colour. It also doesn't have the exfoliating leaves, etc. in that the Youth-Mud contains, however, this didn't hinder it at all in completely removing any blackheads.
So, there you have it, GLAM GLOW'S Super-Mud is amazing, I need a pot, I'm doomed to stay poor forever but nothing beats having lovely skin. Nothing works for my face like these products and as much as I wish I hadn't come to rely on them, I do need them both in my life and genuinely believe that I always will.
Will you be trying out the Super-Mud?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub £5.25.

I held off buying this for a while because, much like Alex's cynical view, I too thought it was just a glorified pot of sugar, and in many ways it still it but if you were to ask me whether I would splash out £5.25 for this little tub again, I totally would!
So, Alex and I went away for a night, just up the road a little bit to Lancaster, and naturally, the morning after, we decided to go and treat ourselves to a few bits, as well as a lovely lunch, but I'll tell you more about that in a little life style post if you'd like?
Anyway, long story short, there's a Lush in Lancaster and I went in specifically to pick this up after having an allergic reaction to some Chinese food a couple of nights before and having my lips swell up before going back to their normal size and cracking and peeling. I just wanted something to take of the nasty cracked/peeling layer and my goodness, this works wonders.
I'm sure you've all seen enough reviews of the Lush lip scrubs by now to last you a life time but for those of you who on the off-chance, haven't, I'll give you a quick rundown; you scrub this on your lips to exfoliate them, then lick it off. It comes in Popcorn, Mint and Bubblegum. I picked Bubblegum and keep eating it...
It tastes SO friggin' good! But more importantly, it works! It took all the nasty top layer off and left me with soft, smooth lips. That also means that lipstick applies nicely too, none of those dry patches where it clings to.
I think I may try the Popcorn Lip Scrub next! Have you given any of these a go?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013



I'm a total skater dress-a-phobe. I don't know what it is. They look great on other people but I've just always avoided them like the plague for myself. I just thought that perhaps they wouldn't flatter my figure, but I am now leaning towards being slightly converted with the help of this gorgeous pink jacquard dress from Little Mistress.
It was actually the colour and print that drew me to this dress over the actual cut of it. It has a sort of pink raindrop pattern with smaller blue droplets inside, if that makes any sense at all. It really reminded me of Marina (and the Diamonds) in her Primadonna girl video and the new look she's been sporting ever since it, and as I loved Marina's new style when she made her comeback, I decided to lump the fact I didn't 'do' skater dresses and choose it as my latest wardrobe addition.
The dress itself is beautifully made. The material is thick and it even has an underskirt and tutu style netting underneath the bottom half of the dress to really flare it out, and rather than feel like the toilet roll holder I'd expected to in a skater dress, I actually feel like twirling round like I'm in a Disney film.
I think it'd look equally lovely with a denim jacket for Summer and a leather jacket when it's a bit chillier with cute little ballet flats.
I'm just looking for a nice Summer occasion to wear this to now.
Little Mistress really do have so many lovely clothes over on their website and they actually currently have a sale on too so be sure to have a nosey at all of that here.

P.S, please excuse my messy background and poorly edited pictures. I was in the middle of a wardrobe clean up so stuff was everywhere and also, as my laptop has gone down, I had to rely on the big, old desktop computer upstairs which has nothing on it so the pictures have pretty much just had their light adjusted a little and nothing else- no little round edges; boo! I will be fixing this once I have my laptop back to full working order.
P.P.S, How happy is everyone that GFC is still here?! I still have my Blogger Dashboard too, so in all honesty, I can't say I'm any the wiser as to what Google Reader is/was but my life will go on without it! 
P.P.P.S, I found out yesterday that I have passed my second year of Uni. We don't have our classifications yet but have been told whether we have passed which is a huge relief as I was sure I had bombed out on this year. Law is NOT easy! I actually can't get over the fact I have one year left before I'm a degree holding grown-up; wow!
Anyway, that is everything I can think of for now but I am thinking of doing a little lifestyle post within the next week or so (laptop situation permitting) to catch you all up on my life. I haven't done one in what feels like forever so I feel like I have a lot to tell you all. Speak soon guys!

Monday, 1 July 2013


Viridian Nutrition Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil*.

I was/still am on occasion a nail biter which means that I have weak nails, and they are always snapping. I had actually resigned myself to the fact that I would never have nice nails and whilst they're still not perfect, a couple of weeks use of this topical Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil from Viridian Nutrition has seen them improve no end. 
The oil is made up of a combination of soothing waxes, essential oils and botanical extracts and by applying twice a day, nails are expected to become stronger and healthier, meaning that they will grow longer without snapping, splitting or peeling. 
The little pot comes with a pipette dropper so it's easy to apply a little drop to each nail, which you then rub in.
So, on to my experience; I'll start by saying that my nails are stronger and have not snapped since I began using this. Quite the miracle seen as though they have never got to this length before without snapping, and they do feel a lot thicker, and stronger too! Not only that, but the skin around my nails feels a lot softer and more conditioned, none of those nasty snaggy bits.
As if the benefits weren't good enough on their own, I also want to tell you about the smell of this! It's amazing! It smells like green tea and lemon and it feels so lovely too. It's not a greasy oil, it feels really thick and luxurious and it sinks in quickly too, which is great, because there's nothing I hate more than sitting around waiting for things to dry! 
I cannot rave about this oil enough, and about Viridian Nutrition as a whole. They really sit well with me as a cruelty free brand, and the efficacy of their products is not compromised on this basis either- everyone's a winner.
Will you be giving Viridian's Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil a go?