i wanted to write this in third person because it sounds super professional but a few sentences in and i started to feel weird. perhaps i'll master it in the future but for now i will continue to tell you about myself all in lower case because capital letters look really ugly.

i'm laura, a nineteen year old law student from the north west. i created 'l is for ladybird' after some gentle persuasion from my boyfriend alex, in august of 2012 and have been packing it with fashion, beauty and lifestyle content ever since.

i've never been the best at writing up anything about myself which probably explains how i've managed to get through almost twenty years of my life without writing a cv, so with that said, i'm going to reel off a list of little things that i hope you may find interesting.

i'm a vegetarian. i don't own any jeans. i write like a left handed person with my right hand. i avoid using the letter 'z' where possible. i like semi-colons and i eat a lot of fried rice. i think that's it, i'm not overly exciting.

if  you have anything else at all that you would like to know, please be sure to drop me an email and i'll do my best to answer any questions.