laura seed|20|law student.

i'm a vegetarian. i have two cats, bruce and willow, both girls. i also have enough fish to fill the cast of finding nemo. i have a lovely mister, alex, who is super lucky to have the best girlfriend in the whole entire world. i'm in my pyjamas more often than i'm in real clothes. i'm a bit poorly, my body is really rubbishy but i'm working on it. i live in the middle of nowhere, in a field. i'm a bit of a new girl fanatic; who's that girllll? it's jess!. i'm really, really pale. i write like a left handed person with my right hand. i don't like the taste of mint but i love the smell of tea tree which is sort of minty, i guess? maybe i just made that up. i'm never without lipbalm. i don't like milk, or butter, or eggs, or tomato ketchup, or bananas, or baked beans; i'm just really fussy. i don't like tea or coffee either, maybe it's the milk thing. i work part time with disabled children. i hardly ever wear make up (eek, bad beauty blogger,) i'm much more of a skin care girl, i suppose that makes up for it? i love, love, love fried rice, almost as much as alex. i'm super shy at first instance. i'm always wearing slipper/fluffy bed socks, my feet are always icey cold. i can't stand feet. nude lipsticks always look silly on me, no matter how pretty they look on everyone else, i just have super pigmented lips. i yo-yo between really blonde hair and really dark hair. i'm not a big jewellery wearer even though it is really pretty. i drive a little silver ford ka. i really like ellie goulding and bastille. bourjois and revlon are my favourite drugstore brands. i don't drink coke, or pepsi, it's so gross. i like the sunshine but not the snow. i get on so well with my little brother, coolest.guy.ever, that's so cheesey, oops. i don't like capital letters or the letter 'z' which i avoid where possible. i'm getting better on the capital letter front though (this is the exception) because what lawyer doesn't use capitals?! they're still really ugly though. i struggle to spell in upper case, another thing to work on for the court room. i eat chocolate for breakfast. alex's birthday is the day before mine. center parcs is one of my most favourite places to be. i want a ferret. 'pineapple' is my default hair style and i'm a pretty happy person.

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